The Canada Walk of Fame Gala was an outstanding success, thanks in part to the diligent and professional efforts of the RegistrationCheckin team. As part of the event coordination process, we handled everything from ticket sales to the creation of custom registration forms, from attendee support to onsite check-ins. 

Managed online and on-site registrations for the gala event with approximately 800 attendees and for the inductee dinner with around 150 attendees.
Utilized 18 custom registration forms to cater to the varying needs of attendees and to streamline the registration process.
Successfully coordinated the check-in process training 16 volunteers equipped with iPads loaded with our proprietary check-in app.
Collected dietary restrictions for each guest, facilitating a smooth dining experience.
Handled delegate registration support via email, resolving any issues and answering queries effectively and promptly.
Provided real-time registration reporting, with daily or weekly reports emailed to the client as per their requirements.
Attendee Support / Session management
Attendee Support / Session management


Our team at RegistrationCheckin utilized a range of skills and advanced technology to ensure the success of the Canada Walk of Fame event. With a focus on organization, communication, and technology, we were able to deliver an outstanding experience for all attendees.

Attendees found the registration process straightforward due to the intuitiveness of the custom registration forms.
The check-in process was efficient, as volunteers using the iPad check-in app could swiftly find guest names or their respective companies.
The app’s real-time updates helped prevent any confusion or duplicate check-ins
Attendees appreciated the attention to their dietary preferences, which added a personal touch to the dinner service.
Timely email support effectively addressed attendee queries, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable experience and the convenience of support both online and on-site.


Our success with the Canada Walk of Fame event underscores RegistrationCheckin’s innovative use of technology and our team’s expertise in event management.

The proprietary check-in app, designed and developed in-house, proved crucial to the event’s success, allowing efficient and error-free registration.
Our advanced 18 Custom registration forms, customizable for different event experiences, showcased our technological prowess.
The use of real-time registration reporting allowed for unprecedented transparency and control over the event’s dynamics.
Our ability to handle large volumes of customer support queries via email exemplifies our dedication to service.
Registration / Check-in
Attendee Support / Session management


In conclusion, RegistrationCheckin’s proficiency in planning, technological implementation, and attention to attendees’ needs resulted in a highly successful Canada Walk of Fame event. Our advanced registration processes and real-time reporting ensured that attendees experienced a seamless and enjoyable event. Looking ahead, we aim to continue leveraging our skills and technology to deliver exceptional event experiences.

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