The Keyera Dine-Around event marked the company’s 25th anniversary and showcased RegistrationCheckin’s innovative approach to event technology, with a host of unique elements designed to create a memorable experience. With over 300 employees participating across 11 different restaurants, the complexity of the event was significant. Yet, the meticulous planning and execution ensured a smooth and well-coordinated event.

Catering to the diverse dietary needs and preferences of over 300 attendees, we made ***VIP itineraries** for select restaurants that accommodated everyone’s dietary restrictions, ensuring no one was left out.
We deployed an **onsite help desk** that provided real-time support, solving any issues attendees encountered and ensuring seamless communication.
Our use of **custom script software** added an element of surprise to the event. It randomized the restaurant selection for the participants, introducing a fun, unpredictable aspect to the evening.
We went the extra mile with **individualized maps**, displaying online links on personalized badges. This innovation ensured that attendees easily found their designated restaurants and were also able to share their experiences online.
RegistrationCheckin created a **secure, password-protected registration website**. This allowed participants to register with ease and confidence, knowing their data was secure.
The **QR code** on each attendee’s name badge opened up to an online photo booth. It had personalized company borders and stickers, adding another level of engagement and fun to the event.
Event Website Design
OnSite Services/Check-in


Starting from registration to the afterparty, the Keyera Dine-Around event provided an enriching, engaging, and seamless experience for attendees. The blend of personalized details, digital interactions, and real-time support made it a memorable event for all participants.

Participants enjoyed **individualized name badges** with maps and restaurant details. These badges not only served as a guide but also as a memento of the evening.
The **randomized restaurant selection** added an element of surprise to the evening, keeping the attendees excited and engaged throughout.
Employed multi-venue sessions for a diverse experience and enhanced networking opportunities.
Our careful consideration of **dietary restrictions** was much appreciated. We ensured that every attendee, regardless of their dietary preferences or restrictions, had a high-quality dining experience.
The **QR code linked photo booth** became a hub of activity and camaraderie. Attendees had a great time taking pictures and sharing their experiences in real-time.
Our **onsite help desk and online assistance** offered attendees peace of mind, knowing help was always available.
Throughout the event, RegistrationCheckin offered **consistent attendee support**, both online and in-person, reinforcing our commitment to a seamless, enjoyable experience for every participant.


RegistrationCheckin prides itself on its broad skillset and innovative technology usage that allowed us to successfully execute the Keyera Dine-Around event. We blended expertise in event planning with cutting-edge digital solutions, ensuring a delightful experience for every attendee.

We demonstrated our **web development skills** by creating a secure, password-protected registration website, ensuring data privacy and security.
Our proficiency in **data management** allowed us to organize a large-scale event without any hiccups, from registration to onsite attendee management.
We displayed our **software scripting skills**, using it to randomize the restaurant selection, thus adding an unpredictable and fun element to the event.
Our ability to create **personalized digital content**, like maps and interactive QR codes, enhanced attendee engagement.
Event Website Design
custom individual itinerary map (1)


The Keyera Dine-Around event, celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary, was a memorable success. RegistrationCheckin helped to ensure an enjoyable and unique experience for each attendee, employing innovative solutions to foster engagement and deliver a successfully planned and managed a complex, multi-venue event. The personalized touch and attention to detail were appreciated by the attendees, reinforcing RegistrationCheckin’s commitment to excellence in event planning. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients as well as the attendees emphasized our dedication to crafting exceptional events that cater to every detail.

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