The Calgary City Teachers’ Convention was a monumental event that RegistrationCheckin is proud to have been a part of. As an event planning company, we managed a wide range of tasks, from the registration process and Speaker proposal forms to orchestrating multi-venue sessions and managing attendee help desks. This comprehensive project encapsulated everything an event planner should master.

Planned and managed the entire registration process, ensuring smooth entry for over 11,000 attendees.
Handled 411 speaker proposal forms and speaker contracts, aiding in the seamless execution of 527 sessions.
Established and maintained info kiosks/help desks, providing readily available information and support for attendees.
Managed multi-venue sessions across 25 different locations, ensuring smooth transitions and punctual schedule management.
Facilitated session ticket scanning with iPads, further streamlining the attendee experience.
Offered robust attendee and speaker support both online and in person, providing real-time problem-solving and advice.
Attendee Support / Session management
Attendee Support / Session management


Our main goal was to create an enjoyable and seamless experience for each attendee. From the ease of the registration process to onsite support and facilities, the attendee experience was prioritized at all times. We at RegistrationCheckin understand that attendee experience is the cornerstone of a successful convention. With our meticulous planning and execution, we ensured an engaging and stress-free experience for the convention’s 11357 attendees. 

Online registration is the first point of contact for any attendee and, as such, it plays a pivotal role in shaping their overall experience. Our team administered a user-friendly registration process, helping to make attendee entry smooth and effortless.
Implemented efficient keynote session ticket scanning system using iPads for quick and convenient smooth access for attendee enjoyment.
Employed multi-venue sessions for a diverse experience and enhanced networking opportunities.
Facilitated networking opportunities in the Exhibitor Hall, promoting connection and collaboration among participants.
Our team created and utilized interactive exhibition maps and digital and print signage to assist for easy navigation which proved beneficial for attendees in finding their way around the different venues.
Managed 100 prerecorded on-demand sessions, allowing attendees to participate at their convenience and pace.
Maintained multiple easy to find attendee help desks to provide instant support and solutions to any inquiries also provided comprehensive attendee and speaker support both online and in-person, ensuring that any questions were quickly and effectively addressed.


Using state-of-the-art technology and leveraging our expertise in event planning, we optimized every aspect of the convention. Proficient data entry/management, as well as an easy online registration system for attendees, were of utmost importance. We utilized our skills in video editing and virtual production to ensure the quality of prerecorded and live sessions. Further, our interactive kiosks and signage played a significant role in maintaining effective communication and providing essential information throughout the convention.

We developed an intricate yet user-friendly online registration system using a sophisticated event management platform. This system allowed attendees to register for specific sessions, customize their schedules, receive event updates, and even navigate the convention virtually. Our team demonstrated exceptional expertise in designing this process, providing instant support for any issues, and constantly refining the user interface for optimal performance.
Our team exhibited proficiency in data management. Handling the data of thousands of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors is a colossal task, which our team navigated efficiently, ensuring the security of personal information and the accuracy of data.
In a large-scale event such as this, digital and print signage is a vital tool for effective communication. We deployed ample signage across all venues, created interactive exhibit maps, enhancing the exhibitor experience across 134 booths providing real-time updates to facilitate session schedules and navigation. Also used in many places to enhance visual appeal which altogether simultaneously enhanced attendee experience.
Our team expertly edited over 100 high-quality prerecorded sessions. We also ensured that any technical glitches were ironed out before the sessions were made available on-demand to the attendees.
print and digital Signage design
OnSite Services/Check-in


RegistrationCheckin is immensely proud of its successful orchestration of the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention. Our team demonstrated adaptability and efficiency in managing a large-scale, multi-venue event with a blend of in-person and virtual engagements. This convention affirmed our ability to deliver an excellent attendee experience while maintaining high standards of professionalism and technological proficiency, and adaptability. For many years and many more to come, our team has enjoyed watching Speakers address what they specialize in and are passionate about, as well as watching attendees enjoy the many diverse experiences offered at such a large-scale event such as the CCTCA.

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