The “Find Christmas Downtown” was an ambitious one-day event, centred around the idea of bringing businesses, individuals, and the local community together for a festive cause. In partnership with “The Magic of Christmas,” the event not only illuminated the downtown Core Mall but also brought warmth to many homes for the holidays.

150 trees ready for decoration, symbolizing unity and festivity.
Participation of 400 enthusiastic volunteers dedicated to making the event a success.
Event culminated with the decorated trees being generously donated to families in need.
Ipads provided for seamless check-in, ensuring smooth ingress of teams of tree decorators.
Find Christmas Downtown Mall
Attendee Experience


For those who attended, the experience was more than just decorating a tree. It was an evening that connected people, promoting collaboration and sharing in the festive spirit. From the moment attendees arrived, they were embraced by an aura of festivity and purpose. Using state-of-the-art iPads, teams were smoothly checked-in, guiding them through a hassle-free process.

Smooth registration and check-in using iPads.
Custom maps provided a personal touch, enabling teams to locate their specific tree with ease.
A sense of camaraderie was palpable as teams worked busily, networking and sharing creative ideas.
The live entertainment set a lively backdrop, punctuated by unexpected delightful surprises. The sight of trees on display in the mall gave attendees a sense of pride and contribution to the community.


RegistrationCheckin prides itself on combining technology with a human touch, ensuring events are memorable and efficiently managed. Leveraging the latest technologies and expert skills to elevate events. For “Find Christmas Downtown,” the company displayed its prowess.

Proficiency in utilizing modern tech tools: The iPads for check-in is a testament to our tech-forward approach.
Customized solutions for clients: The tailor-made maps were designed keeping in mind the specific needs of this event.
Expertise in managing large-scale events: Handling 400 volunteers seamlessly.
Strong network with partners: Collaborated effectively with “The Magic of Christmas” for the noble cause.
Proficient team on-site to assist with technology-related queries.
Custom map creation
Christmas downtown


The “Find Christmas Downtown” event was a monumental success, largely credited to the concerted efforts of RegistrationCheckin in utilizing their expertise and technological tools. Through this event, the heart of the downtown area was lit, not just by the glow of the festive lights, but by the spirit of giving, collaboration, and community. The event stands as a testament to the power of combining festive joy with purposeful action, all orchestrated under the banner of RegistrationCheckin.“Find Christmas Downtown” was more than just an event; it was a testament to the spirit of community and giving. With 150 trees lighting up smiles not just in the mall but later in the homes of needy families, the event was a roaring success.

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