The Marsh 2019 event was an exciting endeavor for RegistrationCheckin. Our team had the privilege to innovate a gamified experience tailored to foster engagement amongst both corporate stakeholders and employees. We seamlessly blended technology, design, and team collaboration to create a unique event experience.

Creation of a custom game app for trivia tailored to Marsh’s requirements.
From personal questions to skill tests, ensuring the content remained fresh and stimulating.
Questions were projected on a main screen, while answers were submitted via iPads.
Successfully rolled out in three distinct locations in the Middle East, with Dubai being a prime venue.
An added layer of engagement with a timed, custom puzzle, culminating in a buzzer moment.
Gamification App Video
gamification App video Marsh


For the attendees at the Marsh event, it was an experience that went beyond the usual corporate conventions. The integration of the game app, complemented by team activities, ensured that each participant was consistently engaged, entertained, and intellectually stimulated.

The easy-to-navigate app interface ensured even those unfamiliar with technology could participate with ease.
The sense of anticipation and camaraderie fostered by the real-time projection kept the excitement alive.
The custom puzzle introduced a refreshing and adrenaline-filled challenge, made even more thrilling with the ticking timer.
With the leaderboard, teams felt a sense of accomplishment seeing their custom names rise with each correct answer.
Having the event span across three locations allowed attendees from diverse backgrounds to connect and engage in a unified experience.


RegistrationCheckin’s reputation as a leading event planner is built upon our innovative approach, technical expertise, and an unwavering commitment to quality. The Marsh 2019 event was a testament to our prowess and the state-of-the-art technological solutions we bring to our clients.

Expertise in developing customized apps tailored to specific event dynamics.
Mastery in real-time synchronization, enabling live projections and instant leaderboard updates.
Excellence in UX/UI design, ensuring intuitive and engaging app interfaces.
Proven ability in scaling and replicating event solutions across multiple locations without compromising on quality.
Deep-rooted understanding of participant engagement strategies, drawing from years of industry experience.
Gamification App
custom leaderboard


The Marsh 2019 event, bolstered by RegistrationCheckin’s innovative gamification app, set new standards for corporate gatherings. Breaking the mould of conventional events, we transformed the setting into an interactive playground, where every attendee became an active participant. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and the palpable excitement that permeated each venue affirmed our belief in the power of innovation and the importance of creating memorable experiences. At RegistrationCheckin, our journey to redefine event experiences continues with even greater zeal.

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