The Marsh EIC event in Dubai, managed by RegistrationCheckin, marked a watershed moment in event planning for our company. Not only did we successfully host a high-profile event with 700 attendees from over 50 different countries, but we also demonstrated our capacity to navigate the intricacies of a large-scale conference by seamlessly integrating various components such as individual approval of attendees, session tracking, attendee support and much more.

Successfully managed the 3-day event, handling all aspects of attendee registration and onsite management.
Implemented efficient on-demand name badge printing and handled attendee check-ins onsite seamlessly.
Managed an onsite attendee Help desk for immediate attendee support.
Maintained and managed the event app effectively, including push notifications.
Managed session ticket scanning using iPads, ensuring swift and effective session entry.
Attendee Support / Session management
Attendee Support / Session management


From an attendee’s perspective, the Marsh EIC event was a testament to the meticulous planning and efficient execution by RegistrationCheckin. The use of innovative solutions such as on-demand badge printing, comprehensive event app, and efficient session tracking contributed to a seamless and engaging event experience for attendees.

Attendees appreciated the efficient online registration and check-in process, facilitated by on-demand badge printing.
The event app was well-received, with push notifications helping attendees stay informed about the event schedule.
The support provided to attendees, both online and in-person, was highly appreciated and contributed to the positive attendee experience.
Attendees expressed satisfaction with the session ticket scanning, which allowed for efficient management of session entry.


At RegistrationCheckin, we leverage our deep event planning skills and innovative technology solutions to deliver seamless event experiences. For the Marsh EIC event, we put our expertise and cutting-edge technology to work, resulting in a highly successful and memorable event.

Our team demonstrated a high level of professionalism and problem-solving skills, which contributed to the event’s success.
We used innovative technology solutions like on-demand badge printing, smart sheet data integration, and event app management.
Our expertise in managing hotel booking and tracking ensured smooth accommodation arrangements for attendees.
Proficient use of iPads for session ticket scanning, ensuring smooth access control
Our ability to manage session tracking and ticket scanning efficiently contributed to smooth session transitions and overall event flow.
A talented team with experience in international events, cultural sensitivities, and multilingual support
OnSite Services/Check-in
OnSite Services/Check-in


Reflecting on the Marsh EIC event, we are proud of our team’s effort and dedication that contributed to the success of this international conference. The event was not just a milestone for Marsh EIC but also a testament to the skills, technology, and innovative solutions of RegistrationCheckin. We look forward to building on this success, harnessing our expertise, and continuing to deliver exceptional experiences at future events.

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