On-site Services & Check-In


The first experience at your event is the Attendee Check-in Process

The onsite check-in process is the first experience your attendees will have at your event, which is why we use proven solutions to make processing guests fast and reliable.


Facial Recognition

3-5 seconds using facial recognition for check-in


Scan Code

15 seconds average when using a scan code for check-in


Searching Attendee Name

25 seconds average when searching attendee names for check-in


On-site Name Badge Printing

10 additional seconds to print attendee name-badge

Our system has multiple check-in options, including facial recognition, barcode or QR code scanning, or simply typing in the attendees’ name. 

  • We offer both self check-in and staffed check-in solutions.
  • Facial recognition software to check-in attendees and print name badges
  • Check-in hardware is supplied by our experienced team, including iPads, check-in kiosks, high-speed printers and laptops.
  • Onsite and pre-printed name badges available.
  • Don’t need our onsite staff? We offer check-in hardware rentals (iPads, check-in kiosks, high-speed printers and laptops)
  • Onsite registration staffing solutions to ensure the efficiency of check-in
  • Attendance tracking solutions using scanners at sessions entrances
SingularityU onsite checkin


Impress your attendees with Facial Recognition Checkin

To avoid long lines, choose a check-in process to get guests through the door as efficiently as possible. We know that it isn’t technology slowing down the check-in process but attendees fumbling to find their tickets.

Our facial recognition process cuts down check-in time to 5 seconds! With an additional 10 seconds for on-demand printing of a name badge for the attendee.

With facial recognition software, all attendees have to do is walk up, get a facial scan, and then print their name badge! This saves valuable time by removing steps in the check-in process.