RegistrationCheckin is proud to have successfully managed the Restorative Justice Symposium, a three-day event that brought together a diverse group of attendees for a purposeful discussion on justice issues. Our responsibilities encompassed a vast array of services, ranging from pre-event ticketing to on-site check-ins, from personalized name badges to the design and maintenance of a custom event app and website.

Facilitated the smooth management of pre-event ticketing for 500 attendees.
Efficiently managed on-site check-ins, ensuring a streamlined experience for all attendees.
Created personalized, on-site printed name badges with agendas on the backside, complete with custom badge holders and lanyards.
Developed and maintained a custom event app for real-time updates and interaction throughout the symposium.
Designed and managed an intuitive, user-friendly event website.
OnSite Services/Check-in
Custom Name Badges


From an attendee’s standpoint, the Restorative Justice Symposium was a seamlessly orchestrated event. The attention to detail in every aspect, from the check-in process to the custom event app, enhanced the overall experience and left a lasting impression on the participants.

Attendees appreciated the swift, hassle-free check-in process, reducing wait times and confusion. With individualized agendas printed onto the personalized name badges at check in,
The detailed name badges, complete with individual agendas and high-quality badge holders with lanyards, added a personal and professional touch to the event.
Attendees valued the custom event app for its real-time updates, session details, and overall usability.
Attendees found the website to be informative, easy to navigate, and regularly updated making navigation of event activities easy
The ticket sales and refund process was noted for its efficiency and customer-centric approach.


Leveraging our technical prowess and industry knowledge, RegistrationCheckin successfully executed a wide range of tasks for the Restorative Justice Symposium. We used advanced technology for check-in processes, website design, and the custom event app, demonstrating our competence in this digital era.

Proficiency in managing large-scale events, as evidenced by the smooth handling of pre-event ticketing and on-site IPad check-in and on-site on-demand badge printing with personalized session schedule on the back.
Web development skills resulted in a well-designed, informative, and regularly updated event website.
Showcased technological adeptness maintaining a user-friendly event app. Development and maintenance of a user-friendly custom event app for real-time communication, updates and supports.
Successfully managed ticket sales and refunds, highlighting our commitment to excellent customer service.
Our ability to manage session tracking and ticket scanning efficiently contributed to smooth session transitions and overall event flow.
Event app
OnSite Services/Check-in


In conclusion, the successful execution of the Restorative Justice Symposium stands as a landmark achievement for RegistrationCheckin, underscoring our expertise in comprehensive event management. The seamless blending of our technical capabilities with a focus on the customer experience resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees. The utilization of technology to streamline the event processes, from ticketing to real-time updates through the custom event app, demonstrates our commitment to innovation in the field. This event, rich with learning experiences, will continue to shape and inform our future endeavors as we strive to maintain our standards of excellence and commitment to superior event experiences.

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