The SingularityU event was a high-profile, high tech, futuristic 2-day conference designed to showcase the potential of technology and the future. We, at RegistrationCheckin, were tasked with managing the end-to-end attendee experience. We utilized our robust technological infrastructure and precise event planning skills to ensure that every element of the registration process was streamlined, interactive, and innovative.

We conceptualized and executed a cutting-edge facial recognition check-in system, eliminating long queues and making the registration process swift, secure, and seamless.
Our team managed data entry and the on-site help desk, providing on-demand, personalized, printed name badges for every attendee.
We conducted sponsorship ticket management effectively, ensuring the sponsors had a hassle-free experience and received the recognition they deserved.
We designed and managed the event website, creating an intuitive, user-friendly interface that made ticket purchasing, refunds, and promotions manageable.
Implemented a select strict individual approval of attendees to maintain the event’s exclusivity and high standard.
Integrated robots driven around the event for attendees from all over the world to socialize with, pushing the boundaries of interaction in an event setting.
Attendee Support / Session management
Facial recognition Check-in


Attendees at the SingularityU event experienced an unparalleled level of sophistication and futuristic immersion. The use of advanced technologies, such as facial recognition for check-ins and roaming socialization robots, truly set this event apart.

Attendees appreciated the streamlined facial recognition check-in process, which eliminated the need for traditional, time-consuming methods.
The on-demand, onsite printed name badges provided a personalized touch, enhancing attendee satisfaction.
Our on-site help desk was highly praised for its efficiency and readiness to resolve queries.
Attendees also valued the select strict individual approval process, as it gave them an exclusive, premier event experience.
The presence of robots driven around for socialization became a highlight for many, symbolizing the forward-thinking nature of the event.


At RegistrationCheckin, our strengths lie in our technical know-how and dedication to creating standout event experiences. For the SingularityU event, we deployed several cutting-edge technologies and demonstrated our core competencies.

Developed and implemented an advanced facial recognition system for attendee check-ins, highlighting our skill in integrating modern technology into traditional event settings.
Utilized a highly efficient data entry system, demonstrating our abilities in handling large volumes of data securely and accurately.
Our web design and management skills shone through the creation and upkeep of the event website, providing attendees with a user-friendly interface for all their needs.
Showcased our adeptness at ticket sales management, handling a range of promotional tactics including early bird sales, promo codes, and group pricing.
Demonstrated our proficiency in client reporting and sponsorship ticket management, ensuring transparency and efficiency in all dealings.
Facial recognition Check-in
Attendee Support / Session management


The SingularityU event is a testament to RegistrationCheckin’s ability to integrate innovation and efficiency in event planning. Our team successfully executed a myriad of tasks, showcasing our adaptability, technological prowess, and dedication to creating memorable experiences. The successful blend of advanced technology and attention to customer experience resulted in a well-received event that not only met but exceeded the expectations of attendees and stakeholders.The positive feedback from attendees and stakeholders confirmed the effectiveness of our planning and execution strategies.

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