Why It Still Pays to Host Virtual Events in 2021

In 2020, virtual events became a necessity. COVID-19 resulted in lockdowns, closures, and strict social distancing requirements, quickly halting all in-person events. Event organizers had to adapt quickly to reimagine their events in a safe virtual space.

Fortunately, virtual platforms have allowed events to continue despite lockdowns. In 2021, people who are growing weary of lockdowns and social distancing need virtual events more than ever before. These events offer attendees an opportunity to connect, learn, and unwind, helping to build connections even when they’re still socially distancing.

Even as COVID-19 restrictions ease, virtual events will continue to be important. In the last year alone, the benefits of virtual events have become clear, and organizers have quickly learned how to run virtual events. While in-person events will be welcomed when conditions allow, virtual events are sure to stick around for these key reasons.

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Producer Calvin Mitchell Talks Virtual Event Production

Virtual events aren’t likely to go away, making this an opportune time to explore what makes a virtual event successful and engaging. To do that, we asked for the help of Live Event Producer Calvin Mitchell, who has over ten years of experience producing all kinds of events, including fashion shows…

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