The so-called virtual event revolution over the past year has taken place in a time during which we have never been more digitally connected and engaged as a society. Netflix has to ask its viewers if they’re still watching, and online dating platforms have become mainstream.

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The pandemic has only heightened the success of the everyday online platforms we spend our time on, with video games and streaming services both experiencing massive surges.

However, virtual events as a whole have not yet been able to tap into this existing potential. While tech providers colloquially cite increased engagement on their platforms, over half of planners still cite engagement as their main frustration with virtual event tech. Virtual is undeniably unfamiliar to many in the event industry, but it’s not new, and it’s been succeeding in other areas.

What is being missed, and what can virtual events learn from existing formats that have been captivating online audiences for years? EventMB sat down with several visionaries from leading event tech firms to find out.

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